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Fettle & Fire

Ceramic chimes in light yellow, coral, teal, seafoam

Ceramic chimes in light yellow, coral, teal, seafoam

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Each handcrafted chime piece is 3 inches across, and they hang approximately one inch apart, with an additional yard (or so) of twine for hanging at the top.

Chimes are made of stoneware clay and are tinted with specialized pigments before firing to 2232 degrees. Every batch is unique, making every chime unique! 

A single chime strand will rarely make noise - the chime pieces will move with the breeze, but not with enough force to "chime." To achieve consistent noise, I recommend hanging 2+ strands 3-5 inches apart so that the wind can move them into contact with each other!

Each strand sold separately, though they look great together!

Custom colors and lengths available - please message me to check availability prior to purchase!

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