Our 4 Favorite Spring Planters!

Our 4 Favorite Spring Planters!

With the weather getting a little warmer and the daffodils blooming, our minds are focused on all things spring!

In the studio, we've been busy creating planters perfect for adding a little greenery to your life.

So, whether you're looking for a cute little piece for your desk at work, or a pretty planter to hang on your porch, we have you covered with our favorite spring planters.

#1) Handmade Mod Planter

This hanging planter is perfect in any window or on your porch. We love using it as a bird feeder in the spring, then adding a pretty succulent or small plant when the bird seed is gone.

$34, Fettle & Fire: Click here to buy!

2) Tiny Elephant Planter

This little guy is perfect for your desk at work or as a gift for a co-worker or friend. We love that the earthenware is glazed both inside and out, making the planter fully watertight - it can hold a succulent, air plant, or house plant!

$32, Fettle & Fire: Click here to buy!

#3) Midcentury Modern Pig Planter

This vintage style planter is made from a piggy bank mold that was repurposed as a planter. It's the perfect size for a window sill or desk -- we love planting herbs or potting succulents in it!

$29, Fettle & Fire: Click here to buy!

#4) Mod Elephant Planter

We're really loving the elephants this spring :)

This little guy begins as white earthenware slip and is cast in a vintage plaster mold -- then he's ready to hold pretty much any plant you can dream of!

$32, Fettle & Fire: Click here to buy!

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